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Klaus Levin

Executive Recruiter

With a career spanning back to the early 1990s, Klaus Levin has been a stalwart presence in the dynamic realm of real estate, holding pivotal roles as a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser and Broker. His extensive experience has honed his research and analytical acumen, keeping him adeptly attuned to local markets and industry trends throughout his tenure.

In his current capacity within the Based on Talent Research Department, Klaus brings these finely honed, transferable skills to the fore. Leveraging his profound understanding of market intricacies, Klaus collaborates with the research team to identify and present candidates that align seamlessly with our clients' specific requirements.

Driven by a passion for surpassing client expectations, Klaus is a dedicated and invaluable member of our team. His commitment to delivering optimal results is evident in his collaborative efforts within the Based on Talent organization.

As we navigate the complexities of talent acquisition, Klaus Levin's expertise adds a unique dimension to our research capabilities, ensuring that we consistently provide top-tier candidates to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

In summary, Klaus Levin's professional journey, marked by excellence in real estate and now applied to the nuanced field of talent research, underscores his commitment to precision, client satisfaction, and contributing to the ongoing success of Based on Talent.


Jennifer Alexander

As a seasoned Senior Recruiter at Based On Talent, I draw upon a robust skill set encompassing recruiting, human resources, and interview proficiency to identify and engage premier talent for both direct hire and contract-to-hire positions. With a rich background spanning over three years in executive search across various functional domains and an additional year and a half specializing in travel and RPO healthcare recruitment, I bring a depth of experience to the recruitment landscape.

Throughout my current and past roles, I have executed full life cycle recruiting with precision, seamlessly navigating through sourcing, screening, negotiating, and closing offers. Leveraging advanced tools such as ATS, direct engagement with hiring managers, and diligent monitoring of recruiting metrics, I have consistently delivered results that align with organizational objectives.

My expertise extends beyond traditional recruitment responsibilities—I have successfully crafted and implemented comprehensive sourcing strategies, executed impactful marketing campaigns, crafted compelling job advertisements, and streamlined onboarding processes. This multifaceted approach involves direct collaboration with clients and candidates, ensuring a seamless and positive hiring experience from inception to conclusion.

Passionate about connecting individuals with opportunities that align with their career aspirations, I prioritize supporting candidates throughout their professional journeys. My commitment to fostering diversity, promoting collaboration, and upholding standards of quality serves as the cornerstone of my approach, bringing a unique perspective to the team.

In summary, my tenure as a Senior Recruiter is characterized by a dedication to excellence, a proven track record in diverse and dynamic recruitment scenarios, and an unwavering commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between talent and organizations. I am enthusiastic about contributing my skills and perspectives to the continued success of Based On Talent.