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A Word From Our CEO

Gail Levin, president of Based On Talent, has been an Executive Search Consultant for over 30 years as both a third-party recruiter, staffing/temp agency owner, and National Director of Talent Acquisition for several corporations. Gail has a reputation for filling hard-to-fill positions and is called upon repeatedly by previous customers in multiple industries nationally.

She has voluntarily taught classes at Broward Outreach Center, “How to become employed” and at Career Source Broward, “Red Flags on a Resume."
Before her career in private industry, Gail’s recruiting career began as a U.S. Army recruiter and Station Commander.

She has a total of 10 years in the United States Army and attained the rank of Sergeant First Class. She is an Army Commendation Medal recipient, a founding member of WIMSA – Women In Military Service Memorial in Washington D.C., and also holds two certifications in human resources a PHR and an SHRM-CP.

Gail M. Levin, President
Based On Talent
HRCI-PHR Emeritus, SHRM-CP Retired

The Cost of a Vacancy to Your Company

Vacancy weighs on a company in 3 significant ways: Direct cost, Indirect cost, and Risk.

Direct Cost of a Vacancy

Direct cost is the most tangible as it is the literal loss of revenue and productivity due to the loss of an employee.

Indirect Cost of a Vacancy

Indirect cost covers the effect a vacancy has on the department it occurs in and the consequences of leaving the position vacant.

Risk of a Vacancy

Vacancies increase the risk from external forces a company faces. The loss of competitive advantage and potential loss of market share are components of risk.

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